edamame 7

wood-fired grilled soy beans. habanero salt

hummus 11

wood-fired grilled red pepper & chickpea hummus. smoked olive oil. naan & vegetables

stuffed peppers 7

fire roasted piquillo pepper. herb goat cheese- fig filling. strawberry habanero balsamic

empanada 6

chicken shawarma, carrots, onions, lemon tahini

salad 12

mixed quinoa, kale, arugula, fried beets, cojita, cheese, strawberry balsamic


cheese + charcuterie

cambozola blue. manchego. quadrella di bufala. ‘barolo salamai. hot coppa. chorizo.

cheese & accoutrements -17-
charcuterie & accoutrements -18-
all of the above -34-

rolls 11

vietnamese-inspired shrimp & pork egg rolls. sweet chili sauce. boston lettuce for wraps.

bao buns 10

pork belly baos, japanese bbq sauce, pickled vegetables, jalapeños . (x2)

flatbread 12

ricotta-goat cheese spread. butternut squash purée.kale. gruyère. sunflower seeds.

tacos 12

crispy shrimp. spicy tartar. cilantro aioli. micro greens (x3)

conserva 15

herb-marinated and smoked mussels. tomato jam. whipped butter. toast point. maldon sea salt.


sliders 12

3 beef sliders. béarnaise. arugula. provolone. -12- add fries for -4-

chicken 15

korean-inspired fried chicken, sweet & spicy glaze

ceviche 20

shrimp. tomato medley. cilantro. mexican leche. charred habanero. taro chips.

pasta 18

orecchiette pasta. mushroom ragu. roasted san marzano tomatoes. braised kale. parmesan.

beef skewer 17

grilled beef tenderloin, bell peppers, pearl onions, garlic mashed potatoes, curry aioli

dessert 4

alfajores. shortbread cookies filled with dulce de leche.