chips 10

homemade guacamole, crispy taro root chips

spread 8

black bean hummus, green apple vinaigrette, pita

peppers 6

fire-roasted piquillo peppers, herb goat cheese fig filling, strawberry habanero balsamic (x3)

empanada 6

chicken shawarma, carrots, onions, lemon tahini

salad 12

mixed quinoa, spinach, frisee, feta cheese, strawberry balsalmic, watermelon, citrus vinaigrette


cheese 10

pan-fried queso panela, apples, sunflower seeds, opa finished (add chorizo +$2)

rolls 11

shrimp & pork egg rolls, sweet chili sauce, pickled vegetables, bibb lettuce

baos 10

chickpea crusted chicken thigh, japanese bbq sauce, pickled vegetables, jalapenos . (x2)

bread 12

flatbread, butternut squash puree, brussel sprouts, garlic goat cheese ricotta, shaved gruyere cheese

tacos 12

guajillo pork belly, mango-habanero salsa, corn tortilla (x3)

shelled 15

wild-caught maine mussels, sofrito, garlic-parsley toast points


chicken 15

korean fried chicken, sweet & spicy glaze

skewer 16

grilled beef tenderloin, bell peppers, pearl onions, garlic mashed potatoes, curry aioli

sea 17

wood-fired grilled calamari stuffed with chorizo, pepper, and onion, dressed with smoke paprika vinaigrette, pesto fingerling potatoes

burger 15

beef patty, pan-seared provolone, lettuce, tomato, béarnaise, crispy shallots, lettuce, tomato, handcut fries

steak 19

wood-fire grilled USDA prime, pineapple marinate, soy glaze, selection of salts

boozy cupcake 4

cupcake with booze...

grey goose espresso martini 15

order martini, get a cupcake for $1