ben and jerry thomas $15

Martell Blue Swift COGNAC. Pasilla & Cinnamon Syrup. Honey. Liquid Nitrogen.  

Imagine your favorite childhood thing...  Now take your favorite adulthood thing.Put them together for boozy ice cream! 

tempo bello $14

Grapefruit infused GIN. Apertivo. Sweet Vermouth.

Whole sliced grapefruits infused into gin, render this
negroni variant extra juicy, and the carbonation brings the party.

fallen aristocrat $14

GIN. Chareau. Gran Classico. Plum Bitters.

You need to unwind and forget the troubles of the day? This delightful tart and sour cocktail will pick you up and return you to the swing of things. Never forget we got your back.

numpty's choice $15

SCOTCH. Amaro. Cynar. Lemon. Egg White.

Two different types of scotch paired with an Italian Amaro, and Cynar give this cocktail just enough bite, while a single egg white smooths the delivery. When in doubt, drink.  


chilcano $13

Cucumber Infused PISCO. Lime. Ginger Beer. 

Here we have the Peruvian version of bottle service; it is customary, in Peru, to bring a bottle of pisco, ginger ale, ice, bitters, and simple syrup. It allows you to build the cocktail yourself. We decided to do all the work for you with a refreshing twist.

pisco sour $13  

PISCO. Lime. Egg White. 

There have been many debates about the origin of the Pisco Sour... although there is a Peruvian cook book dated from before 1903 that tells of a similar drink named simply; “the cocktail”.

airmail $14

RUM. Honey Syrup. Lime. Prosecco. 

As the story goes, the recipe was first printed in the 1930’s in Cuba in a Bacardi Pamphlet, to celebrate the modern achievement of Airmail, which had revolutionized shipping and was known as “the quickest way to get it there” — it’ll definitely get you where you are going.

the hammock $13

RUM. Cognac. Giffard Banane. Lemon. 

Feeling chilly? Think about the beach, the sand, a tiki cocktail. While it may be missing a colorful umbrella, the flavor speaks for itself. Hints of Banana, a frothy finish, and you'll blink before you can feel the island breeze.  


stolen booty $14

RUM. Fernet. Amaro. Lemon.

The Carribean in a glass. An aged rum, Fernet with hints of mint and coffee. A boozy treat that will transport you on a journey of discovery, a treasure hunt of sorts. Return trips are encouraged. Travel with caution. 

// mexico

fool's gold $14    

MEZCAL. Pineapple. Honey. Amaro.

Everything you want from the sunny Region of Mexico. Picture the sun, the sand, and sip on a pineapple filled with joy. Mezcal gives this summery treat depth and the Amaro adds hints of fall and winter. When in doubt, no matter the season, vacation.

smoky principles $14  

MEZCAL. Fernet. Arakku. Benedictine. Lime.

If a femme fatale took the form of a cocktail, it might be something like this. A wonderful mixture of different worldly flavors brought together to give you a film noir vibe.




queretaro $16

TEQUILA. Lime. Cointreau. Liquid Nitrogen, Red Wine.

In the summer, the streets of Queretaro are filled with carts that sell a classic treat — lime sorbet topped with red wine. Our nod to that offering features a margarita masquerading as the lime sorbet. 

laguna salada $13    

Avión TEQUILA. Cynar. Grapefruit. 

Named after the lake bed that served as an historic airfield where Mexican aviation pioneers followed in the footsteps of Lindbergh and Earhart. This cocktail will lift you up and take you wherever you want to go. Just tell us where.    

funky chicken $14 

Lollipop RYE. Lemon Puree. Beer. Tajin Rim.

Mexican lollipops are dissolved in rye whisky for a cocktail that has it all — sweet, salty, spicy, and sour. Ain’t it funky, now? 


chicago fire extinguisher $15

SCOTCH. Luxardo Abano. Smoked Angostura Bitters.

There was a time when local establishments would hang glass containers filled with a saline solution throughout their place of business, that could be quickly plucked from where they hung and hurled at a fire to prevent it from spreading. We found a vessel that is reminiscent of those old “fire extinguishers” and, appropriately, use it to present a drink inspired by the aftermath of such an event — smoke. 

the gentlemen’s agreement $15

BOURBON. Amaro. Sweet Vermouth. Gran Classico. 

A true representation of the culture pot that has become the U.S.A. The two Torinos involved hail from Switzerland, plus Kentucky bourbon, and a goodbye kiss from Adriatic Coast Amaro. A manhattan with robust charm and layered complexity.



old school $14

Peanut Butter infused VODKA. Jelly Ice.

A PB&J cocktail dressed up as a dessert, because you’re a grown up now. 

snow cone $13

VODKA. Pisco. Sake. Liquid Nitrogen. Red Bull Syrup.

Imagine an ice cold slushie with your choice of syrup to pour on top; Red Bull Orange Edition, Blue Edition, or Yellow Edition syrups. It's our version of an adult snow cone, with booze and a tad bit of energy, you're welcome.

georgia preserves $13

Ginger infused VODKA. Peach- Tea Syrup. Rhubarb Bitters. Lemon. Bubbles. 

Feel like you’re in jam? Well, you’ll feel like you’re in one, but you won’t mind with this cocktail. Bringing together peach, rhubarb and ginger in a way that feels like the Southland in the springtime.


punch in the dickens $13

RUM. Oolong infused Arakku. Demerara Syrup. Lime. 

In the late 1600’s, the British Government’s rules for punch houses in Bombay stipulated exactly how much of the raw ingredients needed to make a punch a man might purchase to make his own. This drink is built to those exact amounts, plus a good doze of jazz hands. 

rising sun $14  

JAPANESE WHISKY. Campari. Benedictine. Dry Vermouth. Ume Bitters.

Take a trip to the land of Nippon and fly the color of its flag with this bright and rich cocktail that will make you want to travel to Japan. Kanpai!





nagano mule $13 

Cinnamon & Clove Syrup. Lemon. Ginger Beer. 

This Japanese whisky hails from the region of Nagano, it was the first of its kind to have an American flair. This spiced mule will surely refresh the palette, without losing any of its character.

snow blossom $13

Absolut Elyx VODKA. Ume Sake. Lemon. Cranberry.

A velvet smooth vodka cocktail, with the delicate flavor of shochu, plus a distinctive kiss of Japanese plum, will give you an air of the exotic and foreign.

50 shades of jade $15

SHOCHU. Sake. Violette. Gran Classico.

In gemstone therapy it is said that jade "stimulates creativity and mental agility on the one hand, while also having a balancing and harmonizing effect." The stone also symbolizes the female- erotic.  Think of this cocktail as the gateway to whichever path you seek...